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A/C operational check

When we arrive at the home we first talk to the customers and listen to any concerns that they have about the equipment to give us a good idea of how the unit has been working recently. After that we go through an operational check list:

  • We check what type of refrigerant is in the system

  • We check the indoor blower and its bearings

  • We check the filtration system

  • We check the condenser fan, its bearings and blades

  • We check the condenser coil to see if it's damaged or plugged with dirt

  • We check the evaporator coil to see if it is plugged with dirt

  • We check the condensate line to be sure it is draining properly

  • We check the contacts on the contactor

  • We check the dual run capacitor to see if it is within its proper operating range

  • We check the compressor for any shorts

  • We check the high and low refrigerant pressures

  • We check the Super heat and the Sub cooling to be sure we have the proper refrigerant levels

  • We check the TXV or orifice

  • We check the indoor temperature verses the outdoor temperature

  • We check the temperature difference between the return air and the supply air

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