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Furnace Operational Safety Check

When we arrive at the home we first talk to the customers and listen to any concerns that they have about the equipment to give us a good idea of how the unit has been working recently. After that we go through a Twenty Point operational safety check check list:

  • We visually check the equipment for any major safety concerns

  • We look for signs of improper combustion at the burners, heat exchanger and flue pipe

  • We check the motors and bearings and oil them if necessary

  • We check the filtration system

  • We check for gas leaks on the equipment

  • We check the igniter or the pilot

  • We clean the flame rod

  • We check and cycle the thermostat.

  • We check for proper ignition at all the burners

  • We check the indoor blower time delay

  • We check for proper flame composition.

  • We check the flue gasses for safe CO, CO2 and O2 levels

  • We check for proper vent drafting

  • We check the temperature difference between the return and supply ducts

  • We check the pressure switch, its hoses and connectors

  • We check the fan and limit switches

  • We check the unit for proper manufacturer’s sequence of operation

  • We check the induced draft motor and its housing

  • We check the gas control valve

  • We check the ambient CO levels in the house

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