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Installing New AC Units in Aurora and Aurora Since 1994

Coping with summer in Aurora requires a dependable and functioning central AC system. It’s even better if that cooling unit is also clean and energy efficient. After all, no one likes throwing money out the window. But it’s difficult for an AC unit to perform its best when its original installation was flawed. That’s where Total Comfort comes in.

Our customer-focused HVAC company is deeply dedicated to providing comfort in the Aurora area —a fact easily correlated by our 29 years of service. In that time, we’ve replaced hundreds of old air conditioners with new, more-efficient ones. Through this, we’ve helped your friends and neighbors shave hundreds off their utility bills. In other words, if you’re in the market for an AC replacement in Aurora, we’re the local HVAC company you can trust.

We get the job done right the first time, and it’s not done until you’re five-star satisfied. If you receive anything less than perfect service, we invite you to call us at (303) 989-7507. We’ll set things right.

Need a new air conditioner in Aurora? Call (303) 989-7507 for an estimate. Financing is available!

Signs It’s Time for a New AC

We understand the urge to put off AC replacement. It’s expensive and inconvenient. It's also not something most people in Aurora bother to budget for it. The idea of helping your air conditionerhobble along a little longer is tempting. But, eventually, it’ll have to be replaced. Below are a few signs that your current AC unit is nearing the end of its service life:

  • Skyrocketing Utility Bills: Older air conditioning systems in Aurora are inefficient and often struggle to reach peak efficiency. As time goes on, it’ll take more and more money to cool your home. If you notice a sudden uptick in cost, a major system breakdown is often on the horizon.

  • Old Refrigerants: Older refrigerants damage the climate and have been replaced with newer, more eco-friendly ones. Due to this, though that old AC in Aurora may still be working, replacing the refrigerant in case of a leak may no longer be a cost-effective option. In some cases, you might not be able to find a refill at all.

  • The Unit Never Shuts Off: Though it’s normal for your AC unit to run more during hot weather, failing air conditioners often struggle to reach target temperatures. This often leads to them constantly running, even during mild weather. If you notice your air conditioner in Aurora staying on longer than usual, it's a good sign that AC maintenance or replacement is necessary.

  • We're on a First-Name Basis: Even though we love our customers, those who make more than one repair call a season may be better off replacing their air conditioner. Like dominoes, components tend to fail in sequence. This often ends with a catastrophic failure or a recommendation for total AC replacement. Since quotes are free, there's no reason not to call for a quote on new air conditioner installation in Aurora or Aurora.

  • Age: With proper maintenance, the average air conditioner can last over 15 years. But if yours is nearing that age, it’s often more economical to replace it. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates utility savings of between 20 and 40 percent after replacing an old unit.

If you notice any of these symptoms, place a call to (303) 989-7507 right away! Tackling the issue head on can mean you end up with a bill for AC repair in Aurora and can put off getting a new unit a little longer. Waiting, meanwhile, is likely to lead to snowballing and worse issues down the road.

How We Determine and Install the Proper AC Unit

One of the biggest causes of wasteful air conditioners is improper sizing and installation. A lot of AC repair calls in Aurora could have been prevented with a little bit of forethought. That's why Total Comfort takes time to properly determine your home's specific needs. We also will recommend things like air handlers, air filtration systems, and zoning up front to save you money on total installation costs.

Before replacing your AC system, we conduct a load calculation to determine the proper size of the replacement unit. We also take a look at your duct work and determine if any repairs are needed. When the number crunching ends, we present you with an AC installation quote.

In it, we price out everything from new condensers to updated drain lines and updated thermostats. We will also take time to discuss your budget and explore rebate, financing, and coupon options.

When done, we’ll have a proposal that ensures the system installed meets you and your family’s needs. Once all the paperwork is signed, our HVAC expert will take down your appointment preferences and get you scheduled. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers in the Aurora area.

Exploring the AC Replacement Process

The time has arrived to replace or install your new air conditioning system. Understandably, you're a little stressed out. Many homeowners aren’t sure what happens on AC installation day. How long will it take? Is there anything you need to do to prepair for AC replacement in Aurora? To help ease your concerns, here is how Total Comfort gets the job done:

  1. We provide an initial quote on new AC installation

  2. We’ll call to remind you of the appointment and request that your pets be put away

  3. Our technician pulls on booties and lays down dropclothes to protect your floors

  4. Any items in the way will be moved to prevent potential damage

  5. The AC installer will measure everything a second time

  6. We break down your old equipment and load it up for recycling

  7. Our technician will bring in your new air conditioner

  8. Refrigerant lines are attached to your main power source

  9. The power switch is flipped and the unit tested

After the initial test, our HVAC technician will do a few temperature checks to make sure everything is performing as expected. When diagnostics are complete, they’ll pick up their tools and remove the drop cloth. Then you, in renewed comfort, can flop back in the armchair.

Protect your new system! Sign-up for AC maintenance in Aurora.

What if I Need AC in a Newly Built Home?

First, let’s start with a congratulations! We hope your new home is everything you dreamed of. Our local HVAC company is proud to work with a number of home builders and remodelers in the Aurora area. So, we're often called upon to design and install new-build systems.

The process for installing a new AC system in Aurora is similar to replacing one. The same calculations are made and the same steps taken to prevent safety issues. The main difference comes during the set-up process. When a clean installation happens, we’ll also be responsible for designing a properly functioning system of ductwork. Because it’s a new build, there’s no old air conditioner to be disposed of.

Need a new air conditioner? Call (303) 989-7507 now to request an estimate on AC replacement in Aurora. Financing is available!

Why Total Comfort is the Right Choice for AC Installation in Aurora

If you want your new AC unit installed correctly, you can’t go wrong with Total Comfort Heating and Cooling. We’ve been helping people in the Aurora area cool their homes for over 29 years. This experience means we have the expertise necessary to properly install and configure a variety of HVAC systems. When you work with us, you get an air conditioner prepared to reach the end of its lifespan. Our simplified installation process helps make the entire process stress-free.

Give us a call at (303) 989-7507 for a free quote on AC installation in Aurora or Aurora.

AC Replacement and Installation FAQs

Will Adding an AC Unit Increase the Value of My Home?

It typically does! Replacing or installing a new air conditioner in Aurora can raise your home's value by as much as 10 percent. This value depends on the efficiency and features of the new unit. In some markets, you can't even sell a home that doesn't have a cooling system installed. So, even if you plan to sell in the near future, you might want to consider footing the bill for an updated air conditioner.

Shouldn't I Buy the Biggest Air Conditioner Possible?

A lot of homeowners think that bigger is better when it comes to air conditioning in Aurora. But that's not true. While an oversized air conditioner will cool your house more quickly, it will use more electricity to do so. It'll also struggle to remove the humidity from the air. Though you might not like your AC unit in Aurora running for hours on end, long cycles are better for your wallet and home than short ones.

What SEER Rating Should My New HVAC System Be?

While the typical home in Aurora likely has a SEER 14 unit, it's worth looking into ones with a higher SEER rating. Anything above 16 SEER is considered eco-friendly and can help you save on long-term heating costs. Government rebates are available to help lessen the price difference between a low SEER unit and a more efficient one. For information on what AC discounts you might be eligible for, give us a call at (303) 989-7507.

Can I Save Money by Just Replacing My Outdoor Unit?

Air conditioners have both interior and exterior components. Some homeowners in Aurora think replacing just one of those is a great way to lessen AC repair and installation costs. It's not. Having mismatched components can lead to frequent repairs, heightened energy bills, and lowered efficiency. Though the price tag might look scary, doing both sides of your cooling system will ultimately save you money.

How Do I Know Your AC Installation Quote Is Fair?

We suggest you get multiple quotes on AC replacement in Aurora or Aurora. This is the best way to ensure you get a fair deal. Do note, however, that you need to be comparing apples to apples. Does the other company offer a warranty as good as ours? Is the unit as good? How long have they been in business? You will need to keep these things in mind as you make your decision. We invite you to check out our financing page and special offers page to see what kind of deals we're currently offering.

Can I Install the New Air Conditioner Myself?

While you might be tempted to repair or install your own air conditioner in Aurora, you shouldn't. There's a lot that goes into sizing, installing, and testing an air conditioner. Beneath that shell, there are a number of electronic and chemical components. Tinkering with these can lead to injuries and even death. So, unless you have the proper certifications, we suggest leaving AC replacement in Aurora to the HVAC experts at Total Comfort Heating and Cooling.

I Know I Need a New AC in Aurora. What's the Best Time to Get a Replacement?

As mentioned earlier, once your air conditioner gets past 10 or 15 years old, it's time to start budgeting for a new one. Like with a lot of other products, HVAC equipment pricing is cyclical. For better AC deals, we suggest shopping before summer hits its stride. When winter temperatures start breaking toward spring, a lot of local HVAC contractors may be slower and scheduling is a lot easier. It's also a period where many financing deals are offered. For Colorado, this means anywhere from February to April.

What AC Unit is Best for My Home?

Shopping for a pair of shoes on Amazon is one thing. Trying to purchase a new AC unit in Aurora is another. You should always get a quote from a licensed HVAC contractor. They have the skills needed to properly measure your home to calculate the equipment that is optimal for your dynamics. There are a few things, however, we'd recommend everyone:

  • Make sure the contractor installs equipment from a well-regarded brand

  • If you're not selling your home, invest in something more energy-effiecient

  • Ask about included warranties

What's the Best Place to Install My New AC?

There's no single answer to this question. Every home in Aurora is different. Things like local codes, square footage, building materials, drafts, wall direction, and even homeowner association rules can affect selection of the installation area. For that reason, there's no secret formula to picking the right spot. We recommending looking for:

  • Shady Areas: Air conditioners in Aurora has to keep itself cool as well. For that reason, we typically place it on the north or east side of your home. If that isn't an option, it can also be placed under a deciduous tree.

  • Somewhere Away from Pets: Dogs and other animals like to pee and chew on air conditioners. The refrigerants and metals can be harmful to your pets. And, if left there, urine can eat through the fan blades. If you don't have a sheltered area, we recommend surrounding it with a fence or shrubs to limit animal access.

  • Places with Grass or Mulch: Most air conditioners in Aurora are placed on concrete or PVC slabs. These radiate heat back up toward the unit. The added heat can make the unit work harder to cool your home. If there's no grass or mulch around the best location, we might recommend adding some.

At the end of the day, however, the best way to find the perfect spot is to reach out to Aurora's AC service experts—Total Comfort.

How Long Does It Take to Install a New AC Unit?

A simple AC replacement and installation in Aurora typically takes between four and six hours. This estimate may increase if the installation team has to flush the line or add brackets. If you want a more accurate estimate of how long it'll take to put in your new AC unit, just ask our technician. They will be happy to walk you through the process.

Can My Home Have Central Air?

If you're willing to invest in ductwork and design adjustments, any home in Aurora can enjoy the benefits of central air. But, before you call your local building contractor, give (303) 989-7507 a jingle first. We'll not only walk you through the installation process, but we'll help you explore alternative cooling options as well. Things like ductless mini-splitswhole house fansswamp coolers, and heat pumps can give you many of the same benefits without the drastic upfront cost.

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