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Filtration Services that Keep You Breathing Easy in Aurora and Aurora

It feels like the fight against dirty air is never ending. Even if you dusted every day and installed a portable air purifier, you'd still be waging a constant war against buildup. The best way to clean your home doesn't involve a duster, but a whole-house air filtration or purification system. These indoor air quality powerhouses can help turn the tide of battle and remove the most prominent contaminants in your home.

If you want to install an air filtration system in Aurora or Aurora, you need a local HVAC professional you can trust, someone with experience and dedication to doing things right. With over 29 years of experience solving air quality issues, we invite you to start with us.

Reach out to us for information about our full catalog of indoor air quality services.

The Pollutants Air Purification and Filtration Take Out of Your Air

Air filtration and purification devices are one of the best ways to tackle residential air quality issues. In addition to dust, their high-powered filters or UV lights can remove:

  • Viruses

  • Bacteria

  • Mold

  • Fungi

  • Pollen

  • Dust

  • Dust Mites

  • Cat Dander

  • Dog Dander

  • Smoke

Why Homeowners in Aurora Should Consider Installing an Air Filtration System

Even if you aren’t prone to allergies, you’ll probably benefit from an air quality analysis. Our customers in the Aurora area often call us up to comment on how installing an air filter or purifier has helped them. The mentioned benefits often include:

  • Reduced Allergens: Pollen, dander, and dust are things homes in Aurora seem to experience in spades. Though your furnace filter catches large particles, it’s likely not designed to capture things smaller than 10 microns. This exacerbates seasonal allergies leading to itchiness, runny noses, and chronic sneezing. Air filtration or purification systems, meanwhile, can handle particles much smaller than that. It’s why we so often recommend them to customers with a history of sinusitis, asthma, or emphysema.

  • Lower Heating and AC Bills: The particles missed by your air filter make their way into your HVAC system. These substances eventually coat the fans and ducts. The extra weight and contamination make your system work harder. This leads to higher energy bills.

  • Reduced Odor Levels: Whether it’s the smell of freshly cooked salmon or the mildew from the basement, installing an air purification system can make bad odors harder to detect. This leads to more comfortable living overall.

  • Better Sleep: Studies show that indoor air quality has a heavy impact on how long and how well we sleep. By cleaning the air, air purification or filtration devices make it easier for you to breathe through the night.

  • Easier House Cleaning: Homes in Aurora create dust on a scale that’s hard to comprehend. And, sometimes, it can feel like fighting against a tidal wave. Air filtration systems reduce overall dust accumulation. That leads to less one-on-one time with your Swiffer or feather duster.

  • Reduced Likelihood of Airborne Illnesses: Many viruses and bacteria that make us sick exceed 10 microns in size. This makes them vulnerable to air filtration. Because they’re designed to kill germs, meanwhile, air purification takes care of a few more ‘bugs’.

So, whether you have a chronic allergy problem or a history of insomnia, our air filtration and purification options can benefit you.

7 Signs You Need a Better Air Filtration System

When you have an HVAC problem, the signs tend to be pretty obvious. Your furnace stops working in the middle of the night. The thermostat gets stuck on 88°F during a heat wave. Something’s rattling in your ducts like a poltergeist. The symptoms of an air quality problem, though, are much subtler. If you notice any of the following air quality issues in Aurora, give (303) 989-7507 a call:

  1. Someone in your home smokes or you are inundated by the smell of smoke.

  2. Whiffs of mildew or musty smells are common.

  3. Odors linger an unreasonably long time in your home.

  4. Dust remains consistent no matter how much you dust.

  5. You frequently get migraines or experience sinus issues.

  6. Someone in your family has asthma.

  7. Hair and dander from your pets builds up throughout your home.

During your call, we'll try to find a time to schedule an initial air quality analysis. This will allow us to recommend the air filtration or purification system that's best fitted to your needs.

Should I Install an Air Purifier or an Air Filter?

Our air quality experts install a wide variety of air filtration and air purification systems in the Aurora area. We also sell and install high-efficiency HVAC filters. With our help, you’ll be able to find the product or combination of products that best suit your needs. We provide:

  • Ionization Purifiers: These systems release ions while operating. These charged particles attach to contaminants, weighing them down. This takes them down to the ground or pushes them outside of the ducting where regular clearing and vacuuming will remove them.

  • Chemical Duct Sanitation: After a duct cleaning, our technicians will sometimes spray chemicals in your vents and ductwork. This helps stop the adherence of germs and particles while removing many common contaminants. It can be thought of as a Clorox wipe for your sanitation system.

  • High-Efficiency Filters: As we mentioned on our heating and AC maintenance pages, regular filter changes is one of the best ways to protect an HVAC investment. The beneficial effects of doing so multiply when you use a higher quality filter. To learn more about how spending a few extra dollars on furnace or AC filters in Aurora can benefit you in the long-term, click here.

  • Air Filtration Systems: Take the idea of your standard air filter and notch it up a few levels. That’s basically how an air filtration system works. Woven much tighter than a normal filter, these whole-house devices remove a much wider array of contaminants.

  • UV Air Purifiers: This is essentially a special UV lightbulb that gives off large amounts of ultraviolet light. Many types of germs and mold spores are highly vulnerable to this kind of UV light exposure, although the level of exposure is completely harmless to humans and pets. This type of UV light actually keeps you healthier by killing harmful organisms in your ductwork that exist in your indoor air.

Our air quality specialists are happy to provide an indoor air quality analysis and a free quote on air cleaner or air purifier installation. Just call (303) 989-7507 to get started.

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